Introducing: A Bunch of Cute Little Kids Sort of Singing the Right Thing

…is basically how my first performance as Children’s Ministry Music Director went. It was a “Mother’s Day Sing,” a casual event on Mother’s Day where the kids performed two songs I had taught them and our amazing Children’s Ministry Director made beautiful heart cookies and punch. The kids ranged from the ages of 2 to fourth grade. The songs they performed were Fruits of the Spirit and The Mother’s Day Song. The Fruits song had very cute motions, which all of the kids did wonderfully and our older singers remembered all of the words and the melodies. However, our younger kids added a little bit of improvisation throughout the whole thing (which I expected from kids that age who only had about an hour of practice with the songs). After the performance the parents were so gracious and encouraging, which was a very pleasant change coming from my full time environment where some parents won’t even show up to watch their child’s concert. Overall, it was a fantastic first experience and I am very much looking forward to my next big event with the church: our summer music camp!2e8234ad-b470-4f68-b619-bc58699e474e (2).jpg

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