An Update and an Apology

First, the apology: I promised that during the summer (when I had all of this glorious, amazing, wonderful free time that is coming to a close) that I would blog more often. Well… I LIED. So sue me. It turns out that even when I have loads of free time I can still find many ways to procrastinate, so if that is something I can enter America’s Got Talent with then sign me up.

Here we are, on August 13th (OMG), and here is your update of my life this summer:

  1. I got ANOTHER JOB lol. That makes four jobs for me. I will collect my prize now!But, seriously, this job rules. I finished the 21 Day Fix and had wonderful results from it (lost weight, gained muscle, felt overall pumped about myself for the first time in years) and because of my success I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach. Beachbody is the company that created the 21 Day Fix, Shakeology (which I drink religiously and my long nails thank me for), Insanity, P90X, Cize, etc, etc. I now get paid to coach people through their health and fitness journeys and it is AMAZING! Seriously, this company rules. I was pretty successful in my first month and received a promotion because of it. The company also donates tons to charity and has so many giveaways for their customers! The other women in my coaching circle are super supportive and everyone is very motivating. It’s just awesome.
  2. I finished my first Summer Music Camp, as well as Vacation Bible School at my church job. Both were wonderful experiences, because I got to work with younger students! I am starting a Children’s Choir there this Fall and am very much looking forward to it! They are seriously the sweetest/smartest children I’ve ever met.
  3. I got to spend TWO WHOLE WEEKS with my goddaughter, Brooklyn! We did so many fun things (Kings Island, Coney Island, Museum Center, Cincinnati Zoo) and I loved every minute of it, except for when she DEMANDED to watch Little Einsteins every time Brandon and I wanted to watch The Office.
  4. My mom, Brandon, and I went on a trip to Brown County, which is still one of my favorite places in the world! We went horseback riding, zip-lining, hiking, shopping, and ate everything there was to eat. Good times.
  5. I survived my first dance camp as an Assistant Show Choir Director, which also happened to coincide with Vacation Bible School, meaning 12 hour work days during the summer. I loved spending time with the high schoolers and especially loved watching my eighth grade children (now grown-up freshman) getting along with all of the older kids ❤ Ugh, my heart is melting just thinking about it.
  6. I finally visited my classroom after avoiding the general school district area for two months (LOL). I finished painting, started decorating, and guess what? MY ROOM ISN’T HORRENDOUSLY UGLY ANYMORE! It’s a miracle! I also put a Keurig and mini fridge in my room, so I can basically live there now. If you are a teacher friend in my building and you are actually reading this blog, then you may come to my room and collect your free coffee when school starts. Seriously, I have to-go cups!
  7. The craziest update of all is that…. I’m actually excited to go back to school!!! I know, I sound like a lunatic, but I’m serious! I can already tell that the second year is going to be SO much better than the first. The first year I literally didn’t even know where to park my car and this year I already have a relationship with almost 2/3 of my students! (That is a huge plus of teaching multi-level grades, for sure!) As I have mentioned before, my principal is letting me incorporate a middle school show choir into our daily schedule for the seventh and eighth grade (AMAZING), so I am very much looking forward to getting that started. A couple of my high school show choir students even volunteered to choreograph for my middle school group, which is great since my choreography would be horrifying.

If you have made it through this entire update then leave me a comment that says “I might not have enjoyed what I read, but I liked you enough to read it all.”

I will try to blog once a week when school starts, but lets be honest with ourselves2e8234ad-b470-4f68-b619-bc58699e474e (2).jpg

3 thoughts on “An Update and an Apology

  1. I might not have enjoyed what I read, but I liked you enough to have read it all. Lol.
    I enjoyed it ! I may take you up on your coffee offer ! I also have big aspirations for summer that go by the wayside of procrastination. 😜


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