What Is “Coaching” and Why Are You Always on my Social Media?

These are understandable questions that I receive often, so I figured I would explain everything ,the best way I can, in a blog post. I became a Team Beachbody Coach in July 2016 after my wonderful experience with one of their programs, 21 Day Fix. Ever since then, I have exposed my whole life through pictures on Instagram and Facebook. I post on these platforms multiple times a day and even had to create a new Facebook like page (www.facebook.com/chelseajfitness) so that I could reach a wider variety of people. Since becoming a coach I have helped over 75 women with their health and fitness goals and starting tomorrow, through my free online group, Fit for the Fall, I will be helping over 60 more!

As a coach, my job is to literally coach women through our variety of Beachbody programs (21 Day Fix, Cize, Country Heat, P90X, Insanity, 30 Day Yoga Retreat, etc., etc.) through private conversations and by providing motivation and support for them in my private Accountability Group. I offer a shorter, free online group every few months, so that I can introduce new people to a healthier lifestyle with no money involved. One of my girls from my first free group sent me this lovely message, which was a great reminder for me to remember why I am donating my time to help these ladies!


In addition to working privately with these women, I also share about my own journey on social media. Almost every time I workout I post about it, not because I am bragging, but because I know my posts help motivate some people to get off the couch and also because posting keeps me accountable. Yes, that’s right. Even though I am a coach who’s helping others, I also need people to keep me accountable to my own goals! Sharing on my social media about my health and fitness journey helps me keep me goals in check.

So why did I suddenly become so passionate about health and fitness? Well, buckle in because I’ll tell you the whole story.


Here are three photos: the first is from summer of 2012, the second is from Winter of 2013, the third is from July 2016 when I finished my first round of the 21 Day Fix. So, four years ago I sent the first picture to my boy-friend because I thought I looked cute in it. Vain, yes, but I was a freshman in college so forgive me. Anyways, the response l received was along the lines of “I can see the fat rolls on your stomach lol.” Not the response I was looking for… Now that might’ve been and probably was a complete joke, but unfortunately it had a great effect on me and sent me into picture 2. Until that summer I had literally NEVER thought about myself as being fat and yes I realize that being 120 pounds isn’t “fat” to a lot of people but that small comment gave me a different opinion. I struggled with my image that fall and then during winter break of 2012/2013 I started intensely dieting and working out. I actually developed “Exercise Bulimia”, something I didn’t realize was a legitimate issue until years later. I would spend hours in the morning at the gym and then would only allow myself to eat the amount of calories that I had burned off earlier. Clearly not healthy at all. College started back for Spring semester 2013 and I continued this habit for a few months but eventually fell off track. For the next couple of years I strived to get back to how I looked in this 2nd picture. I even had it set as the background to my phone multiples times, but little did I know that hours of cardio coupled with the same bad eating habits I always had would not equal success. Fast forward to picture 3. I am finally back at that “skinny” level I was in picture 2 BUT the thing is that I am not “skinny” in that way at all! I am strong and healthy. I eat what I want and I weight lift in the gym, something I always was scared to do in college. I was able to see the results I wanted all while being healthy and EATING GOOD FOOD!

Team Beachbody’s program helped me so much, that I couldn’t help but share it with other people! With the help of my coach, Hanna, I started my own coaching business. I have since fallen in love with the company and see myself continuing a long career with Team Beachbody. In the short three months that I have been a coach I have received multiple gifts (my favorite being a personalized yoga mat) just for doing a good job! Also, since I helped three people each month for my first three months of coaching, I received an absolutely free ticket to this summer’s Beachbody Summit, which is their annual coaches conference! At the event I will meet all of the top coaches, creators of the workouts I do, and will learn tons of new ways to help people and grow my business! Plus it’s my first time visiting New Orleans, so I’m super excited! I also make an extra paycheck every week, which I would be glad to talk about with you privately, but think it would be icky to share on here.14922273_10207738377123477_7112171711948799612_n.jpg

Overall, I am very happy I decided to dedicate myself to coaching this summer. Helping others has in return helped me become the healthiest, happiest version of myself.

If you actually have read this whole post then thank you for listening & if you are interested in a healthier lifestyle change or learning more about being a coach then send me a message! I would love to help you!

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