Clear Skin and White Teeth…? Yes, please.

Recently I was given the opportunity to test out and review two different products. I have no clue how these companies found me, but I’m going to try not to be offended (lol!) since they are a teeth whitening company and a skincare company.

First, I tried FRÉ Skincare. They graciously sent me their 123FRÉ set, which included a “Protect Me” moisturizer, a “Purify Me” facial cleanser, and “Revive Me” anti-aging serum. Their product was created with athletes in mind. As someone who works out on a daily basis, I appreciated those factors and definitely notice a different in my skin when I’m sweating on a daily basis. As soon as I received the package I was impressed. The packaging was beautiful, the products were in a fancy drawstring bag, and the sizes of the products were ample. The set is intended to last over three months, similar to a subscription of Proactiv (which I was an avid user of in college).

The products smelled amazing! The cleanser had a mint scent and left my skin tingling, which is a great reminder that it’s working! The anti-aging serum made my skin feel more taut, in a good way that is hard to explain. While the moisturizer left my skin the way it’s supposed to be… moisturized! The 123FRÉ set was awesome. Customer service was extremely responsive and the overall experience was wonderful for me. Unfortunately, for this product I forgot to take a before picture, so my after picture isn’t very helpful! I guess you’ll just have to try it for yourself!

Next, I tried Smile Brilliant which is a teeth whitening product. I was immediately impressed by the “fanciness” of the product. I was asked to make teeth impressions in a tray (pretty similar to the process I used when I was originally being fit for Invisalign) so that they could create personal teeth whitening trays for me–how freaking cool!

I sent out the impressions and received my personal trays less than a week later! Then it was off to whitening…

The whitening process is definitely not quick, which I was used to after being a Crest Whitestrips customer for years. As most people know, Whitestrips are a drugstore item that you apply to your teeth and leave on for about fifteen minutes. I have to be honest. I’ve probably spent over $100 on Whitestrips or similar products over the past year, but have seen little to no progress in the whiteness of my smile. That could be due to the fact that I drink coffee on a daily basis or the fact that the products just don’t work that well. After my experience with Smile Brilliant, I know that the answer is the latter.

Smile Brilliant teeth whitening trays take about an hour each use. You first apply the whitening gel into the trays and let those sit on your teeth for a while (since they’re personalized, they fit like a glove!) and then do the same with the de-sensitizing gel. I never noticed sensitivity after trying this whitener, which is amazing because every time I used Whitestrips I would have sensitive teeth for at least 24 hours. Here are my before and after pictures after only two weeks of uses!


I’m so grateful that these two companies were able to send me their products to try out and that the products did what they were supposed to do! Because lord knows that I’m not going to write a lying review.

If you’d like to try these products out for yourself, the companies have graciously provided me with discount codes for my subscribers! 🙂

FRÉ Skincare: pearls25

Smile Brilliant: 

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